exploring a food, a little more.

Hey guys, going to tell you about my experiences and tastes I share with food so guys I am so much a foodie person I love to eat, cook and trying new dishes, my favourite I street food like Delhi street food is the best thing in the world Gol gape, Momos, Aloo Tikki, and one of my favourite chole bhature like how can we miss the chole bhature being Delhiite chhole bhature is the best so I am thing ever, and if you are a true non-veg food lover you can’t miss the purani Delhi food it’s the best biryani filled with all authentic flavours afghani chicken with all creamy and buttery taste, Delhi is all about the food and talking about the food almost all the time. In India every state has its own flavour of taste like Mumbai has vada pav, Punjab has makki di roti and sarso da saag, Gujrat has dhokla, Bihar has litti chowkha, Rajasthan has dal bhati churma. Everyone has different opinions on food, everyone’s food taste is different from others, but everyone loved their own home-cooked food no matter how much they like outside food at some point everyone craves a simple soulful meal, everybody has their own special soulful meal and for me, it is a bowl of dal and rice with mango pickle it’s literally the best soulful meal it makes your soul happy and satisfied. Most teenagers prefer to eat outside food a lot they avoid home-cooked food so much but when they grew older automatically they try to avoid the outside food they crave for home-cooked food, on the other sides we look like villagers and old people they don’t eat outside food at all that’s why they have so much strength and the people who live in cities eat outside food so much because their taste is very different from them. India is a country that is very well known for its food culture because Indian food is much more flavourful than other country’s food, India is rich in all types of spices, and even in other countries people also love to eat Indian food because other countries eat simple food they don’t add many spices in their food because they can’t eat so much spicy food but we Indians love to eat spicy food so much if the food is not spicy for us we may not be able to eat it. I also love to cook food as much as I love to eat food, I always try to make food for myself and for my family, I also try to make new dishes trying new recipes making different types of foods, and trying other country’s cuisine is a very good way to know their food culture like Chinese, Italian, European, American, Korean, Mexican they also have flavourful foods like chow Mein, Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, sushi.

Home cooked meals.

Cooking food We can make different countries cuisine on our own it doesn’t taste exactly like outside food but it is very fun activity to do it on your own, Cooking food is my favourite thing to do it makes me so much happy, now days cooking food is my daily routine I cook food for myself and for my family my favourite thing is to make a chicken biryani I love making chicken biryani, I also love making soulful meals for myself like rajma chawal, dal chawal, these dishes very easy to make and so much delicious in taste. In India almost everybody favourite food is most probably the rajma chawal, I also try making other states and countries food to know more about their food, every state or country also has its own way of cooking food like how they cook their food and how they make it they all has different way to cook it and make it, I always try to make other states or countries food in their way of cooking the food so I will get to know about their opinion on food and their taste in food better. Every person has its own opinion on food, so this is mine.